Have you been affected by violence directly or indirectly?

We are here to help you transition through it.

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Our Mission

Community Resource Collaborative (CRC) seeks to uplift people between the ages of 18 and 24 affected by violence, either directly or indirectly, including gun violence, domestic violence and trafficking. We collaborate with various channels across New York State and beyond to connect young people with the resources they need to move through their traumas and find personal peace by way of stable housing, employment, mental health and other necessary services. Through the support of CRC, continued personal growth and healing are made possible by ensuring basic human needs are met. We defend and champion humankind through strong advocacy for what is right, equitable and just. 

Our Impact on the Community

Since September of 2021, we have successfully moved 22 families to new locations and connected them with employment, housing and connection to needed services with continued outreach support. In the 4 years leading up to CRC’s inception, our founder has assisted with breaking down system barriers for over 220 young people in our community. She helped them transition into better circumstances through her social enterprise, from disconnection to sustainable employment, high school equivalencies, higher education, working in the trades and direct connection to housing and additional resources and services.

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Get Help

No challenge you are having is too big for us to handle. Your life matters. You deserve every opportunity to live life on YOUR terms, out of harm’s way, with the basic necessities to ensure your safety, health, peace and well-being. If you are in immediate danger – please call 911, if you are in a safe space – please contact us at 888-444-1060 (talk or text) or email at info@commresourcecollab.org

Contribute & Donate

As a nonprofit, we rely on and deeply appreciate the time, talent and resources provided by the community to sustain our mission and vision. The monetary donations we receive go directly to providing critical resources needed for operations. Your dollars cover food, clothing, housing (security deposits and first month’s rent), emergency relocation costs, drivers education, tutoring for high school equivalency, replacement documentation, school supplies, emergency child care, technology (cell phone, computer, digital access), emergency energy assistance, health care needs (eye glasses, personal hygiene, etc.), support team, and transportation. 

Donations can be made online via Donately or mailed directly to our organization at 100 College Avenue, Suite 130, Rochester, NY  14607