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No matter the situation, we are committed to getting you to safety first and foremost, and ensuring you have adequate shelter, food, clothing and any other necessities you may need to live life on YOUR terms. We hear you and we see you and we are ready to handle it with you. The first step is reaching out. 

Reach out - we are here to help.

Our Programs

In keeping with our Mission and Vision, Community Resource Collaborative believes in working with young people wholistically. In working with young people who are directly and indirectly impacted by violence, we start with the basic necessities for life. Once basic needs are met, we work on sustainability and programming, such as connection to employment, education and services needed to sustain basic needs.

First Steps

Meeting basic needs

We provide funds for emergency relocation, to secure safe and adequate housing, food, healthcare, hygiene, and clothing for fluctuating seasons. We assist in gathering or replacing documents, seeking out available resources and counseling, and make sure every basic need is being met so that anyone who comes to us can start thriving instead of merely surviving. 

Building A Life

Getting on track for personal success

Programming for growth and success is all based on each individual’s unique desires, skills, hopes and dreams. Building a Life Map based on each young person’s vision for their lives may include:

  • Education: High school equivalency, higher education or the trades 
  • Employment readiness and training
  • Transportation: connection to programs for getting a driver’s permit, license and vehicle
  • A plan to move from subsidized housing to sustainable housing 

Building A Future

Put the past in the past and reclaim your present and future
  • Mental Health counseling
  • Substance Use Disorder: Connection to services providing support and therapy to assist with sobriety

Knowledge is Power

Empowering our clients with skills to help them grow and thrive
  • Life skills: banking, budgeting, credit counseling, tenant rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions are important to us and no question is too big or too small. Start here or fill out a contact form or call directly so we can begin assisting you immediately.

Call 911. If I believe I am in danger and can reach out safely, how do I connect?  Call us at 888–444-1060, fill out a contact form or email us at

Food, clothing, points for air travel, backpacks, hygiene products. Contact us directly for more details..

As soon as you reach out we start making arrangements for your immediate safety. 

Donations can be made online via Donately or checks can be sent in the mail. See our Donations page for more details.

We strive for 24 hours, but it depends on each situation.