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Rapid Relocation

Community Resource Collaborative Rapid Relocation program helped me at the darkest time of my life and everything felt so genuine. In March 2022, I became homeless due to an unsafe situation for my son and me. This amazing group of people stepped in when the PathStone SNUG program could not continue to pay for my hotel, they stepped in and paid and also helped me find a place. Listening to me and understanding that I could not move out of town because of school and family, they helped me find a safe and beautiful place to live that was still convenient for me and my son’s everyday needs. The thought of me and my son not being safe took a toll on my schooling and everyday life but they stepped in and took that burden off my shoulders. Now I am able to focus fully on school and making a better life for my son and me. Community Resource Collaborative’s Rapid Relocation program is also providing assistance with my rent to help me get back on my feet and get into the swing of having my own place, also helping me build my credit. Community Resource Collaborative has not just taken the burden off of me but off of my son too. Shortly after the shooting he would cry and ask when we were going home and I didn’t have an answer but because of Community Resource Collaborative I was able to give him an answer and surprise him with his own room and peace of mind. They have done more than provide shelter, they provided a brighter future. They have turned the lowest point of my life into the most beautiful part of my life and for that, I am very appreciative. – TB