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Relocation Success

“The organization has helped me tremendously throughout the last year. My family was going through a lot. I just had my son and he had to be no more than 2 weeks old when where I was residing got shot into. My current boyfriend got shot twice. It was traumatizing for all 3 of us. Just out of the hospital myself I had no clue what I was going to do or go. I have known the people who run the organization for some time now and they were the only people I thought of reaching out to, to help with giving me some type of guidance. Helped me get into shelters with my son while my boyfriend was in the hospital. When they brought up the suggestion to relocate, I was scared. I had way too many things running through my mind, I was scared to leave my family and everything I know. I knew that safety wise it was best for my family. We left and they were with us throughout the way. Paid for hotels, food, helped with finding housing. They didn’t give up until we were settled in somewhere. One member actually stayed away from her family for about a week to make sure that we were personally good. Even after if I need help with anything for my family. They are one call away. I love and appreciate them so much. I swear that I have no idea where I would’ve been right now.” – DC