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Student Resources

I am writing on behalf of the Community Resource Collaborative and the work they do for the young people of Rochester. I am currently a school counselor in the Rochester City School district, and through my job, I have been able to connect many of my students with the Collaborative. The students I work with have experienced a variety of different situations, and many of them are seeking employment and guidance on how to navigate life outside of a school setting. The CRC has been instrumental in helping provide
my students with resources, workshops, jobs, mentorship and opportunities that they may have otherwise not had access to.

There are a few students who come to mind when I think of who the CRC has helped significantly. One, in particular, was a high school senior when he was first introduced to the agency. He was struggling with academics and did not have a steady home. He was anxious about graduation and his plans for after. Once meeting Janelle and the team, he was able to let them know what resources he needed and was able to get connected with housing and the promise of a job upon graduation. He has since been working, has been saving money, and was able to buy a car to help him get around. He is thriving, and has a new sense of confidence, and a bright outlook for his futures, thanks to the coordination and assistance from the CRC. Another student who has turned it around because of the mentorship and opportunities provided to him through the CRC was also introduced to them a few years ago. He had a friend who had worked with them, and connected because of him. This student was struggling with being involved in the street culture of Rochester, and was also struggling academically. Since being involved in the program, he has been able to get employment and training, provide for his family, and is on the way to earning his GED.

These examples are only two of many. The Community Resource Collaborative runs workshops and training monthly to help teens and other young adults learn about job searches, finances, budgeting and other ways to support themselves. They connect young people with resources in the community that relate to both physical and mental health, as well as family resources. The CRC provides a safe space, a mentoring community and unrelenting encouragement to those who seek them out. The city of Rochester has many things that are working against it right now, but also so many things that are trying to make the city a better place. The Community Resource Collaborative is one of those. The impact that they will have is just beginning, and I am happy to be able to connect and collaborate with them to help the young men and women of Rochester realize their opportunities and potential.
– V.C., School Counselor, RCSD