Grant Writing and Program Development team Diane Bardeen, who is part of the Grant Writing and Program Development team at Community Resource Collaborative. Diane has a child and youth development background and has been creating programs, designing curricula, and implementing creative arts programming for youth in and out of the workspace for over 25 years. Diane has been writing grants for nearly 17 years and is a published author in the YA Fiction genre. Diane’s education follows her work, holding a BS in Human Services with a concentration in Management of Children’s Programs, a Master’s in Education and Learning, and most recently, a St. John Fisher Ed.D. program graduate with a Doctorate in Education in Executive Leadership. Diane is passionate about seeing young people discover, develop and deploy their gifts and talents and learning how to use them to rise up and out of complacency. Diane loves spending time with her two pups, Theodore and Duke Silver! She believes integrity is your most valuable asset. She draws from her extended family’s love, compassion, and Sicilian roots that when you have more than you need, get a bigger table.