Pearl is a passionate Plant-based Whole Food Advocate, Political Candidate, International Management Consultant, Public Speaker, Educator, Community Organizer, and Mother of Two. As a consultant, Pearl’s unique approach to problem solving has served to catalyze international businesses in change management and new growth. After over a decade in Europe working and teaching, including a guest lecturer position in Paris, Pearl has returned to the United States with her attention on local politics where she actively seeks out and explores opportunities to promote sustainability, a circular economy and community cohesion. In parallel with these efforts, Pearl is expanding her social activism around plant-based foods, social justice and environmental sustainability. All of this carries a common thread of honesty, integrity and social progress.

One shouldn’t be misled into thinking that Pearl’s story defines her, as it is the other way around. Pearl has always defined her own story. Spending her early years with her mother and brother in a low-income household, Pearl looked at the varying degrees of poverty, and substance abuse, and knew that this was not to be her story. Pearl excelled in school, willfully ignoring her lack of privilege and instances of institutional racism. She entered college and found herself in a new world defined not by who she was but who she intended to be. Studying in political sciences, Pearl saw an opportunity to change things through policy, to lift up society and fix the institutional injustices she saw all too often.