Rosa Marie has been providing exceptional child care experiences for over 18 glorious years with a laser-like focus on early childhood education. She began educating small children when she was just 10 years old, under the apprenticeship of her Grandmother who successfully operated a warm, loving, family-focused child care center for 30+ years.

Rosa knew from a very early age that she wanted to continue in her grandmother’s footsteps. The work her grandmother was doing for the community mattered, parents loved her, children adored her and they all called her Grandma. It wasn’t long before the advanced courses Rosa took in high-school paid off, as she quickly earned a degree in business at Monroe Community College.

Rosa spent the next several years trying various avenues to replicate her Grandmother’s legacy. Unable to find an organization that embodied Grandma’s strength, virtue or wisdom, she created Marvelous Mind Academy.